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Pence Lied During Wednesday Briefing About Insurance and Coronavirus Testing

Pence Lied During Wednesday Briefing About Insurance and Coronavirus Testing

Donald Trump reportedly felt that his Vice President did not have enough to do. So when the coronavirus started causing problems for the President, he decided that Mike Pence should oversee the United States response. Critics pointed out that Pence was not qualified for the job.

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Pence’s lack of medical experience, though, has not stopped the Vice President from holding daily briefings about the illness. Wednesday’s briefing went sideways for Pence when he falsely said that insurance would cover tests for the disease.

There have been multiple stories about the high cost of coronavirus tests. One Miami man said that despite having insurance, he was charged $3,200 for his test.

Pence was repeatedly asked about these kind of stories on Wednesday. The Vice President said that the test would be classified as an “essential health benefit” and be covered in full by private plans.

The answers from the VP were reviewed by New York Times health writer Margot Sanger-Katz.

Katz tweeted, “Essential health benefits” were established as part of Obamacare. They apply to a small slice of private health insurance plans, not all the programs he mentioned. EHBs have nothing to do with Medicare or Medicaid.”

The writer continued, “Now, it’s obviously possible that many or even all insurers may choose to cover this test, and to cover it without cost sharing. But that’s not something the federal government can compel through this part of the law.”

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