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Pence Bars Health Officials From Appearing On CNN Because The Network Hurts Trump’s Ego

Pence Bars Health Officials From Appearing On CNN Because The Network Hurts Trump’s Ego

Over the course of last week, it seemed as though CNN was no longer going to cover the entirety of President Donald Trump’s malignant narcissist hour under the guise of COVID-19 press briefings.

And as we reach what many health experts are calling “the worst two weeks of the outbreak,” the only two people on earth Americans want to hear from are Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx. You know, REAL doctors.

However, it seems Trump’s albino assassin Mike Pence is angry with CNN for not showing the briefings in their entirety, announcing that he’s barring top health officials from appearing on the network to discuss the coronavirus.

CNN reported that Pence’s office will only allow experts such as Birx or Fauci to appear on CNN if the network televises the portion of the White House briefings that include the vice president and other coronavirus task force members.

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This dictatorial and anti-free press move makes sense when you consider CNN has been one of the few networks with the integrity to question the veracity of airing Trump’s quasi-rally briefings in full of late. Trump’s daily ramblings and lie-a-thons are so bad that it even promoted the very conservative editorial board of the Wall Street Journal to pen an op-ed asking for Trump to pipe down.

“If Mr. Trump wants to make his briefings more helpful to the country, here’s our advice: Make them no more than 45 minutes, except on rare occasions and let Mr. Pence lead them each day, focusing on one issue or problem,” wrote the WSJ editorial board.

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