Pelosi: Disgraceful Zuckerberg Caters to Trump for Tax Breaks and Lack of Regulation

For years, Facebook and Twitter did next to nothing while Donald Trump repeatedly violated their terms of service. Earlier this week, Twitter began to fact check tweets from the President on their site. Trump, not surprisingly had a total meltdown.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

While Twitter acted, Facebook has continued to allow Trump and other users to go unchecked. Founder Mark Zuckerberg recently said that it’s not to sites job to fact check. When asked about these comments on Thursday, Nancy Pelosi called them a disgrace and said that big tech companies cater to the President.

The Speaker of the House made the comments during an interview on MSNBC. She told host Andrea Mitchell, “As far as the platforms are concerned, they want two things from the federal government, no regulation and no taxes. So they cater to the Trump administration all the time. I think Mark Zuckerberg’s statement was a disgrace.”

Pelosi also noted that she was unimpressed by the small measures made by Twitter. She continued:

“Twitter, they’re not taking off any accusations the president is making about Joe Scarborough. They do a token thing and think it’s okay. Again, I don’t know if there’s honor among thieves, but that’s the — they only have a business model to make money, not to convey facts. That’s what they’re about. Again, I see it as a distraction from what is the challenge at hand, which is to save lives. And every day the president comes up with another stunt, and every day airwaves are full of that stunt without holding him fully accountable for the lives that are lost because we don’t have, under his leadership, appropriate testing.”

Watch a video of Pelosi’s comments below:

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