Pelosi Describes Trump’s Efforts To Prematurely Reopen Economy ‘Almost Sinful’

During a private conference call with Democratic lawmakers in Congress, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took several digs at President Donald Trump and his administration for their failure to adequately respond to the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Gage Skidmore/Flickr; Michael Vadon/Flickr

Pelosi described Trump’s behavior and inaction during the COVID-19 outbreak as “almost sinful,” Politico reported, putting emphasis on the administration’s failed promises, including a pledge to screen every American that wanted to be tested for the disease, as well as the White House’s slow dissemination of PPE gear to frontline workers.

Pelosi also told her caucus members that Trump’s call to reopen the economy by May 1 put American lives at great risk.

The Speaker described the administration’s actions thus far during the crisis as a “complete failure,” adding that she and her fellow party members had to continue calling out the president whenever he lied to the American people during his daily press briefings.

“The more misrepresentations he puts out there, the more it obscures the truth. We have to insist upon the truth — what they’re saying is not knowledge, is not facts, is not real,” she said during the call.

The president’s insistence on reopening the economy may be primarily driven by his own self-interests, as he may see positive economic outcomes as the only way he can get reelected.

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Trump has insisted that he alone had the authority to reopen the economy, whenever he decided doing so would be the appropriate course to take.

“I’m going to put it very simply: the president of the United States has the authority to do what the president has the authority to do, which is very powerful,” Trump said during a press briefing on Monday. “The president of the United States calls the shots. When somebody’s the president of the U.S., the authority is total, and that’s the way it’s gotta be.”

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