Pelosi Announces Plans To Draft Articles Of Impeachment — ‘The President’s Actions Have Seriously Violated The Constitution’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Thursday morning endorsed the crafting of articles of impeachment for President Donald Trump, transforming the impeachment inquiry into an official and formal process of attempting to remove the president from his post.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Pelosi’s words rung out what Democrats have been saying for several months now: that the president used his office in an indecent and corrupt way, in order to further his own personal and political gains.

The Speaker pointed to testimony from a number of witnesses during depositions from the inquiry. “The American people have heard the testimony of truly patriotic career public servants, distinguished diplomats and decorated war heroes, some of the president’s own appointees,” Pelosi said.

“The facts are uncontested: the president abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national security, by withholding military aid and a crucial Oval Office meeting, in exchange for an announcement of an investigation into his political rival,” she added.

The Speaker made mention of Trump’s own words in her announcement, noting that earlier this year he suggested that he viewed himself as above the law.

“The president’s actions have seriously violated the Constitution, especially when he says and acts upon the belief, ‘Article II says I can do whatever I want,'” Pelosi said, citing a public statement Trump made on July 23a statement that came just two days before the call to Ukraine’s president.

Pelosi brought about quotes from many of the founding fathers in her statement, including James Madison and George Mason. She invoked their standards for the presidency toward the end of her speech, when she announced her official endorsement as Speaker of the House to move forward with the impeachment process within the Judiciary Committee, the New York Times reported.

“Sadly, but with confidence and humility, with allegiance to our founders, and a heart full of love for America, today I am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment,” Pelosi said.

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