PBS’ The Open Mind Produces a Series of Videos About Combating Voting Rights Disinformation

The 2016 election season saw a torrent of disinformation. Expect more of the same in 2020. While some of this misleading information may come from Russia or China, some will come directly from the President of the United States.

Donald Trump has long railed against the voting institutions in the United States. He recently claimed that Democrats will produce millions of mail-in ballots to steal the election from him.

The PBS Show, The Open Mind, is working to combat disinformation during the 2020 election. Host Alexander Heffner writes, “The News Literacy Project and the Open Mind Legacy Project are distributing public service announcements around the country this week to combat malicious fabrication, bots and online trolls that seek to mislead voters and suppress voting. These engaging and animated PSAs will seek to inoculate voters against viral deception about how and when they can vote and encourage them to be skeptical about the election information they encounter.”

Those videos can be found within. You can also take a look at the organizations Instagram page here and their YouTube page here.

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