Paul Gosar Says “Yes” To Appearing on QAnon Talk Show

Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar drew scorn and ridicule – lots of it – when he recently spoke at a Florida gathering of white nationalists hosted by Nicholas Fuentes. He was a co-featured speaker at the white supremacist America First Political Action Conference along with disgraced former Iowa congressman Steve King.

Like anyone looking to advance his or her career, Gosar asked himself “what’s next?” The answer: saying yes to an invitation to appear on Patriots’ Soapbox, a talk show that is super popular with adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory. Patriots’ Soapbox is what can only be considered a fringe outlet, but it broadcasts 24 hour a day online. If you were look it up on Roku you would see it bills itself as aiming to “fundamentally change the way journalism and media work in our world” and “return journalism and TRUTH to where it belongs…back into the hands of WE, THE PEOPLE.”

(Screenshot via Gab)

Gosar’s appearance is being promoted on the social media site Gab by the host of a show on Patriot’s Soapbox who gushes, “He has taken a stand against the conservative establishment to support #AmericaFirst and has never wavered. Let’s show him our support.”

Gosar was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2010 and for some reason Arizona voters keep returning him to office despite his increasingly bizarre, extreme positions and statements. The former practicing dentist has so disgusted his siblings that they recently called on him to be removed from Congress.

Gosar has courted QAnon beliefs in the past, like when he attended the “Trumpstock” event in Golden Valley, Ariz., which featured QAnon speakers and music performers.

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