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Pat Robertson Melts Down, Says Calling Joe Biden the President-Elect Is Nazi Propaganda

Pat Robertson Melts Down, Says Calling Joe Biden the President-Elect Is Nazi Propaganda

Televangelist Pat Robertson is really irked over President Donald Trump’s election loss to Joe Biden, whom Robertson is refusing to acknowledge as the president-elect of the United States. Why? Because doing so would be embracing Nazi propaganda.

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On Monday’s airing of The 700 Club, the 90-year-old Robertson insisted that the election is not over (it is), that Trump has multiple legal avenues he can still traverse to remain in power (he does not), and that referring to Biden as the president-elect is a Joseph Goebbels-level lie.

“It’s not over til the fat lady sings, and that song has come out yet. I think the Trump team has quite a few avenues, and when you think that Supreme Court Judge Alito said that certain ballots have got to be isolated until after the count to make sure… that then they need to be litigated, that hasn’t been done. In Georgia, there’s a ruling that says the secretary of state was not able on his own to change the way the election was to be conducted. It should be under the legislature, that’s another challenge, and it just is amazing,” Robertson said.

And then the following happened.

“But the thing is… I look back to the Nazis, the man who was in charge of the propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, and he said ‘if you tell a lie often enough people begin to believe it,'” Robertson said. “I believe the fact that we keep calling Joe Biden the president-elect, he is not elected until the electors decide in that hasn’t happened yet.”

Robertson is really upset that Biden, who won the election by 306-232 in the Electoral College and walloped Trump in the national popular vote by more than six million, is prepping for the job the American people chose him to do.

“We call him president-elect, he’s already choosing his cabinet, he’s talking about cabinet positions, he’s asking for money to run his transition team and we keep calling him president-elect. He is not the president-elect. He is Joe Biden, citizen, until such time as his election is certified and it hasn’t happened yet. Remember that,” said Robertson.

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

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Unfortunately for Robertson, the Trump Administration on Monday night gave the General Services Administration the go-ahead to begin the transition process into the Biden Administration.

The election is now certified.

Fifty-seven days until the inauguration.

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