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Pat Robertson Invokes Jesus in Crusade Against Democracy

Pat Robertson Invokes Jesus in Crusade Against Democracy

Right-wing religous zealot Pat Robertson called upon Jesus Christ to overturn the results of the 2020 election during Monday’s broadcast of his talk show, The 700 Club.

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Like many sanctimonious conservatives, Robertson is really sour over President Donald Trump’s loss to Joe Biden, who will be sworn in as the next American president on January 20.

Robertson’s argument, however, was unoriginal and false. Making matters worse – aside from the whole bearing false witness thing – is Robertson’s pathetic plea to the almighty to upend American democracy.

“Folks, we must declare that God almighty is not going to let this great nation of ours be taken over by fraud. This is too important in the history of the world, and we as his servants must declare we are not going to let this happen,” said Robertson. “We are going to declare in the name of the lord that this fraud will be exposed and that before these electors are chosen and then vote in something that’s going to be permanent, that there has to be a cessation to how they get it.”

Robertson, who is 90, stumbled over his own words, as if a set of fake teeth were dislodged from his dusty jaws. That could be due to the nature of his next two claims:

  • Team Trump has a secret weapon they have chosen to not use despite losing 40+ court cases.
  • Dominion, a company that manufactures voting machines, paid untold sums of cash to unidentified individuals to conduct their own vote tallies.

“Now I know one technique that would change it, I’m not about to mention it on the air, but it’s something that the Trump legal team could use if they had to that would deter this thing,” Robertson garbled. “Also, when they get into those Dominion systems, you see there were many many states where Dominion paid money to people to be allowed to count the ballots, and so you got Dominion, you’ve got Smartmatic, you’ve got these other affiliated companies.”

After offering no evidence to support his conspiracy theory (unless he was referring to hand recounts, which only further solidified Biden’s landslide win), Robertson tried one last time to pray the Biden away.

“It sickens you and we have got to declare it, in the name of the lord, to say we declare in Jesus’ name, this fraud will not stand and it will be exposed and that the lord himself will intervene before this country turns into something socialist,” Roberson proclaimed.

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Enjoy the bad place, Pat.

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

Forty-four days until the inauguration.

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