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Pat Robertson Accuses Democrats of Plotting Socialist Takeover Through Pandemic Relief

Pat Robertson Accuses Democrats of Plotting Socialist Takeover Through Pandemic Relief

As President Joe Biden and the Democratic majorities in Congress prepare to draft and pass a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 economic stimulus package, televangelist gremlin Pat Robertson believes something far more sinister is afoot – that Biden’s proposal is not intended to actually help anyone, and is instead the precursor for a Socialist takeover of the United States.

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“Why do we need such a costly relief plan? And could this plan bankrupt the entire country?” he asked.

The needs are obvious to anyone who watches anything besides Robertson’s 700 Club program. The pandemic has wrought unprecedented economic devastation and killed more than 475,000 Americans as of this publication.

“Unbelievable,” Robertson crowed. “How could they even think of something as insane as that? Is it somehow In order to bankrupt America so that they can come out and have a new era where the United States is taken over by socialists? I don’t understand what the game plan is, but spending us into bankruptcy isn’t the way to make anybody happy.”

Previously, however, Robertson made no such complaints when Republican lawmakers jammed through $2.3 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy while offering no plan to make up for that lost revenue.

The fact is that Americans are struggling and it is the federal government’s sworn duty to protect this country’s inhabitants from preventable harm, such as evictions, financial ruin by no fault of their own, and, most of all, getting the novel coronavirus under control so that we can move forward into a more equitable future – a vision that Jesus Christ would certainly support.

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