Pat Buchanan: Republican Party “Can’t Go Back to Normal” After Trump

For the majority of his life, Donald Trump was a Democrat and supported the party’s candidates. Barack Obama’s presidency, however, enraged the former businessman and he sought the Republican nomination. That change, of course, resulted in his being elected to serve as President of the United States.

Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Donald Trump really isn’t a traditional Republican. Most historians would likely refer to him as a populist. Former GOP nomination seeker Pat Buchanan was asked about the future of the party during a recent interview with Newsmax, and he said they could never go back to normal.

Buchanan told host Michelle Malkin, “I don’t believe that a candidate who runs for the nomination, let’s say in 2024, is going to be able to go back to the free trade, globalism or interventionism or things like that because they simply—the Republican Party has been changed and reoriented to a great degree by Donald Trump. So, I think that’s what controls it.”

The former Reagan Communications Director continued, “I mean, the Republicans today, many of them are as you say they are. They’re basically establishment Republicans, Conservative Inc., and all the rest of it. And they may not believe what they’re mouthing but the fact that they’re required to speak in a certain way and address these issues indicates a realization on their part that intellectually they have lost the battle for the party’s issues and the party’s identity.”

Buchanan closed his comments, “Frankly, if someone came in and attempted to [propose] free trade and open borders on the Republican Party, it would not be nominated by the GOP.”

Watch a clip of the segment below:



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