Pastor Who Said He’d Hold Services Unless He Was in Jail or Hospital Dies Of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all kinds of businesses and services to close their doors. Some Evangelical Christians, though, have been resistant to stop holding services. This government has gotten involved in some states, which others have offered exemptions.

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Bishop Gerald O. Glenn of Richmond Virginia’s New Deliverance Evangelistic Church was one of those Evangelicals who was defiant in the face of coronavirus restrictions. During a March 22nd service, he told his congregation he was unwilling to stop in-person services. On Sunday, the church announced that Green had passed away from COVID-19.

During that March service, Glenn said, “I firmly believe that God is larger than this dreaded virus. You can quote me on that,” he said, repeating it a second time to claps, saying that “people are healed.”

He also told his congregation that he would hold services, “unless I’m in jail or the hospital.”

The church announced Sunday on their Facebook page, “It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Bishop Gerald O. Glenn.” Glenn has succumbed to COVID-19

Glenn’s daughter, Marcietia, hopes people can learn a lesson from this situation. She told WRTV, “I just beg people to understand the severity and the seriousness of this, because people are saying it’s not just about us, it’s about everyone around us.”

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