Pastor Says Church Needs Proud Boys For Security; Promises “Redneck Insurrection” Would Be Successful

Pastor Greg Locke says that he’s been accused of being a “media whore” since he made headlines for his anti-mask and anti-vaccine rants. He’s not unhappy with this, though, and while he’s being heard, he’s got some more things to say that are perhaps even more concerning.

[Screenshot via Greg Locke/YouTube]

When Locke promised to kick mask-wearers out of his church and ordered his congregation not to get vaccinated, they cheered. Now he’s back to talking about January’s failed insurrection by Trump supporters, saying that he needs Proud Boys to come defend his church, because of “the crazy stuff we about to go into.” Also, he says, it’s inappropriate to call the failed insurrection attempt an insurrection, because of the “theology of redneckism in America.”

The video has been removed from YouTube for violating guidelines, but a clip of it is available below via RightWingWatch.

“I think they have forgotten the theology of redneckism in America. If we wanted an insurrection, you wouldn’t be able to stop us if we had one. That was not an insurrection! That was not an insurrection! That was a peaceful protest!”

Downplaying the attack on Congress has been a common right-wing tactic, with influencers and even elected officials claiming that the attackers weren’t armed (despite video evidence and criminal charges showing that participants possessed weapons, including firearms, and planned to cache firearms offsite for later retrieval).

As for Locke’s rant, there have been multiple Proud Boys members arrested and charged with crimes connected to the failed insurrection effort, and his congregation sounds almost as fired up and excited about the notion of a successful attempt as he does.

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