PA Lt. Gov: State Discovered 3 Cases of Voter Fraud and Texas Lt. Gov Owes State $3 Million

A few days after the election, it became clear that Joe Biden had soundly defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 election. A desperate Trump, and his allies have tried to claim there was massive voter fraud. When they presented their claims to the courts, though, they were told that they actually had to have proof.

Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

And the GOP has had an awfully hard time finding evidence of fraud. Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick went as far as offering a $1 million bounty for proof. His counterpart in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, said that his state recently discovered 3 cases of voter fraud and he mocking asked for $3 million.

Patrick said in a November statement, “I support President Trump’s efforts to identify voter fraud in the presidential election and his commitment to making sure that every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is disqualified. President Trump’s pursuit of voter fraud is not only essential to determine the outcome of this election, it is essential to maintain our democracy and restore faith in future elections.”

Fetterman’s state of Pennsylvania has recently discovered 3 cases of voter fraud. In two of the cases, voters were attempting to cast extra ballots for Donald Trump.

The PA Lt. Gov. tweeted, “Recap: Texas sued PA claiming mass voter fraud to SCOTUS. Sure, TX got demolished, but my dude LG Dan Patrick put out a handsome reward for voter fraud. We delivered. He owes us $3M, Pennsylvania. That’s *a lot* of Shmuffins + Sizlis, folks.”

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