PA Funeral Director: About Half the Families Who Had Loved Ones Die Of COVID Ask Me Not to Mention The Disease in Obituaries

When COVID-19 first began to hit America hard, no one had any protection against it. Sure, people who lived in certain areas or worked certain jobs were more likely to contract the illness, but it hit people all along the political sphere.

Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images

Now that COVID is in the third wave, it has become the pandemic of the unvaccinated. Donald Trump supporters are much less likely to get vaccinated than other members of society. As such, many of them are being hospitalized and dying.

And with the pandemic raging in their communities, one might think they’re coming to realize the seriousness of the virus. But according to a rural Pennsylvania funeral director, many are asking to hide the fact that their loved ones died of COVID.

Mike Kuhn a Redding, Pennsylvania funeral director, told NPR that, “over the course of the pandemic his chain of three funeral homes has helped bury hundreds of people who died from the coronavirus. He says about half of those families asked that COVID not be mentioned in obituaries or death notices.”

Kuhn continues, “You know, I’ve had people say ‘My mother or my father was going to die, probably in the next year or two anyway, and they were in a nursing home, and then they got COVID, and you know, I don’t really want to give a lot of credence to COVID.”

As long as these people continue to deny the existence of the virus, the more it will continue to ravage their communities. Read the full report here.


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