Overwhelmed Police Were Forced To Release Arrested Capitol Rioters And Were Assaulted By Them Again

A recently filed affidavit in the case of an accused Capitol Hill rioter recounts in chilling detail exactly how violent and out of control the mob was that Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron “Anon” Johnson says were “jovial” folks who “respect law and order.”

Washington, D.C. resident Mark Ponder was arrested by Metropolitan Police Department officers after he repeatedly assaulted them with a metal pole and shield that he had stolen from an officer. Ponder can be striking a police officer in the screen capture below.

Once in custody he refused to identify himself to officers, verbally berated them while restrained and cheered on other nearby rioters. According to the court filing, Ponder also said, “When our country is being attacked with, like we are, we have a right to fight…that is what the Second Amendment was built on.”

As the battle to protect the Capitol and lawmakers raged, police officers, however, had no choice but to release Ponder when they learned that a vehicle to transport the rioter to a police station could not make it the Capitol complex. After detaining him for 25 minutes police escorted him to the edge of the Capitol grounds and told him not return. As his restraints were removed, other rioters cheered.

Ponder is later seen on video having returned to the Capitol shortly after 5:00 p.m. and is seen on the inauguration stage. He and other protestors ultimately were dispersed after police deployed tear gas.

He faces charges of assaulting officers, unlawful entry on Capitol grounds and obstructing congressional proceedings.

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