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Over 130,000 Americans Sign Petition To End Live Coverage Of Trump’s COVID-19 Press Briefings

Over 130,000 Americans Sign Petition To End Live Coverage Of Trump’s COVID-19 Press Briefings

The continuous spread of COVID-19 has not only tanked the world economy, forced businesses to shutter their doors, and put Americans on lockdown in their homes and communities, but it also has sadly taken the lives of more than 3,000 innocent Americans, with more expected even amid strict social distancing guidelines.

Although President Donald Trump is not responsible for the disease, he is responsible for the criminal mishandling of it and, more sickeningly, his utterly despicable daily press briefings that appear to be nothing more than campaign pitches.

But a new petition finds that Americans have decided they’re done having to be forced to watch his carnival barking on the daily. At the time of this writing, more than 130,000 Americans have signed a petition on Moveon.org that calls on news broadcasters to stop providing live coverage of the White House’s briefings on the coronavirus outbreak.

Via Moveon.org:

Please stop covering the President’s daily live campaign rally (thinly disguised as a coronavirus “news conference”). There is no need to do so. News organizations can monitor the briefings in real-time and have your anchors and correspondents quickly share appropriately edited valuable, accurate parts, which will come from medical experts. That will leave the President’s insults, false braggadocio, and outright lies on the editing room floor, where they belong.

Indeed, our hoax of a president is flagrantly using the news organizations’ extensive, live coverage to campaign for a second term. It’s both morally and ethically wrong to give perpetual airtime to a sociopathic egomaniac who is shamelessly spreading misleading and damaging misinformation that is already costing innocent Americans their lives.

Never has this been more apparent than with the fiery exchange between Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta at yesterday’s press briefing when Acosta was accosted after calling out the president’s mishandling and downplaying of the crisis earlier on.

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