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Over 1,000 TSA Workers Still Owed Back-Pay From Government Shutdown

Over 1,000 TSA Workers Still Owed Back-Pay From Government Shutdown

The recent government shutdown had a major impact on TSA employees. Airports experienced lengthy delays as the unpaid workers refused to show up to their jobs. When the shutdown ended, Donald Trump made giving back-pay to federal workers a priority.

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As the calendar turns to March, many workers are still without pay for the work they did during the shutdown. According to a report from CNN, over 1,000 of these TSA employees have not received their back-pay.

Unlike other federal employees, TSA workers were given partial payment while the government was closed. Administrator, David Peskoe, told employees the payment, “was to alleviate some of the financial hardship many of you are facing.” Those payments caused a glitch which is now delaying the workers from receiving their back pay.

The TSA released this statement on the matter: “Of TSA’s 60,000 employees, approximately 1,000 throughout the country require some sort of pay correction.”

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A TSA source who spoke with CNN explained, “Pay period 26 was the partial pay that we did and then the remainder of that pay period should have been a correction that came through the system once the funding was restored. Our timing … could not have been poorer in terms of when we executed partial pay. We actually got approval to do that almost simultaneously with the time funding was restored.”

While the TSA has promised to make things right, the wait is excruciating for workers. The average salary of a TSA worker is around $41,000 and every paycheck matters. The TSA has not yet announced when all workers will be made whole.

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