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Ousted Cybersecurity Official Sues Trump Campaign and Lawyer Over Death Threats

Ousted Cybersecurity Official Sues Trump Campaign and Lawyer Over Death Threats

Christopher Krebs, the former U.S. cybersecurity official who was fired by Donald Trump for accurately declaring the 2020 presidential election the most secure in American history, has sued Joseph diGenova and the Trump campaign over the campaign attorney’s death threat against him.

Last week diGenova, who once was a U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, said during an appearance on Newsmax, “Anybody who thinks the election went well, like that idiot Krebs who used to be the head of cybersecurity. That guy is a class A moron. He should be drawn and quartered. Taken out at dawn and shot.” The next morning Krebs reacted thusly: “The way I look at it is that we are a nation of laws and I plan to take advantage of those laws. I’ve got an exceptional team of lawyers that win in court and I think they’re going to be busy. They can know that there are things coming.”

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Krebs lawsuit accuses diGenova and the Trump campaign of defamation and the infliction of emotional distress. As a remedy, Krebs is seeking monetary damages and the removal of a video of diGenova making the comments from the Newsmax website.

The lawsuit claims that Trump, members of his legal team and Newsmax have been engaged in a “calculated and pernicious conspiracy” to defame and injure Krebs and others who refuse to adhere to the president’s baseless claims of election fraud.

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“Newsmax, the campaign, and DiGenova have a symbiotic relationship,” the lawsuit says. “Newsmax disseminates and amplifies the campaign’s and DiGenova’s attacks on perceived political threats and allegations of election stealing, which pleases viewers, prompts endorsements from President Trump, increases ratings, supports the political goals of the campaign, and helps raise more money from duped supporters.”

The legal filing also says that after diGenova’s comments Krebs received death threats in tweets and emails that labeled him a traitor. Because of the threats, he and his family were forced to leave their home and Krebs’s children were terrified. “Daddy’s going to get executed?” the suit quotes Krebs’s 10-year-old child.

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