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Opinion: Ted Cruz Is Right About Biden — He’s A Boring Radical And We Love It

Opinion: Ted Cruz Is Right About Biden — He’s A Boring Radical And We Love It

Ted Cruz is right. That’s not something I’d typically say. This time, though, he’s right in his facts. President Joe Biden actually is both boring and radical. Cruz is only wrong in thinking that those are bad traits.

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Republicans have been juggling how to portray Biden as both bumbling and nefarious, both senile and dangerous. Cruz may have thought he stumbled across the perfect depiction of Schrodinger’s Biden when he tweeted out that the president’s first six weeks are “boring but radical.”

Here’s where he’s mistaken: this isn’t bad news. We love it. I can’t tell you how many of my friends on the left I’ve heard celebrate that they don’t wake up with a sense of doom over who the president is going to hurt today or what he might have tweeted at 3 am. This is a good kind of boring.

Under Joe Biden, the U.S. is working towards more inclusion. He’s called for safer schools for transgender kids, and by placing a trans woman in a prominent position, made a very public statement about inclusiveness. What he hasn’t done is tweet a bunch of self-praise and demand that transgender people bow to him in thanks.

Boring, but radical.

He’s started to change policies regarding border security. Many of us on the left are criticizing places where his policies don’t go far enough, but he’s starting to undo much of the damage of the previous administration. In an America with Biden at the helm, immigrants are people too. That shouldn’t be a radical statement, but after the past four years, it’s unfortunately far left of anything we’re used to.

Radical, but not loud, showy, or flashy.

We finally have a national effort, rather than a broken state-by-state piecemeal, to combat COVID-19 and distribute vaccines. Biden has not asked for recognition, or taken credit for the vaccines, or released a statement suggesting that everyone getting vaccinated should thank him. He’s just kept doing the work.

That’s honestly pretty radical.

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There’s no $15 minimum wage in the COVID relief package Biden just signed, but he and Democrats in Congress fought hard to fill it with every other important thing, including the child tax credit increase, direct stimulus checks, and unemployment benefits. There aren’t a lot of flashing neon lights, just a nationwide collective sigh of relief.

Our new Attorney General, Merrick Garland, has been confirmed. He’s going to investigate the attack on our nation provoked, encouraged, and praised by the previous administration. Biden isn’t tweeting or leading rally chants of “Lock him up.” Instead, he’s promised to stay all the way out of the investigation, and leave it to the Department of Justice.

This is all the right kinds of boring, and again, after the previous administration, such a radical change.

On racial justice, on climate change, and even by simply having a small socially-distanced inauguration rather than a self-celebratory ego-fest, Joe Biden has quietly and calmly made major shifts in American policy and direction.

It’s all actually very exciting, but in the sense that it’s not loud, chaotic, flashy, and gilded, it’s certainly boring. It’s boring, and it’s radical. It’s exactly why we elected him.

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