OPINION: Sen Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) Opponent Reveals How The GOP Gave Him ‘A Gift’ By Cheating Out The Dem Candidate (AUDIO)

In the history of elections in America, it’s not often that a Senate election features a Republican incumbent and no Democratic challenger. However, odd and unusual as this might be, this is exactly the case in Arkansas’ 2020 Senate race. First-term Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, a far-right conservative and major Trump ally in Congress, might have thought he was given a gift by the Republican party in his state after Republicans previously forced out a potential Democratic opponent. However, it seems the real recipient of this beautifully wrapped gift is actually Independent Arkansas Independent Senate Candidate Dan Whitfield.

Largely a working-class unknown with no prior experience holding public office, Whitfield was given the opportunity of a lifetime to legitimately challenge Cotton and give working Arkansans the much-needed ally they have been craving: an ordinary guy with no fancy law degree, who lived has been a blue-collar worker his entire life.

Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, Whitfield had been making the rounds by appearing at county Democratic events in the northwestern part of the state. And, since he hates the hyper-partisan world in which we all live, he has also been going to events with conservatives and Libertarians, saying he wants to “bridge the divide” between Arkansans of different political persuasions. Whitfield, who’s exclusively relying on grassroots support, has been carving out quite a presence on social media as well.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dan about his unique background, ballot access, his worker-friendly policies, and why he is positioning himself to be more than just “Not Tom Cotton.” Whitfield sees himself as a legitimate voice for working people who not only dislike Tom Cotton, but who would also not support a Democratic candidate. If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit ReplaceTomCotton.com

Listen to my entire interview with Dan Whitfield below:


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