“Operation MAGA” Will Keep Pence Campaigning While Trump Convalesces

America has entered unchartered territory as Donald Trump remains at Walter Reed Hospital for treatment for the coronavirus less than a month from Election Day. Trump is expected to stay hospitalized for the next few days, bringing into question Mike Pence’s role as the other half of the active Republican Presidential ticket along with his duties as Vice President. It was announced early on Saturday that the Vice Presidential Debate at the University of Utah– which was already confirmed after Trump’s diagnosis was announced but before he was medivacked to Walter Reed–is still scheduled for Tuesday night, with the Debates Commission scrambling to provide the safest possible environment for Pence and his opponent Kamala Harris, both of whom have tested negative for COVID19.

Questions had been lobbied at both the Biden and Trump Campaigns regarding how they planned to move forward. Neither camp is suspending their activities (Biden has pulled any ads negatively targeting Trump himself, though not the ads that are critical of his policies), and Trump’s team has now launched an initiative they’re calling “Operation MAGA” to stir up enthusiasm among their base in these last critical weeks of election season.

Donald Trump could seek pardon from Mike Pence
[Photo by Chris Carlson-Pool/Getty Images]
Operation MAGA will see Pence hosting events both virtually and in person, according to a press release being shared on Twitter.

The release ironically quotes Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, who is just one of several Trump associates who have tested positive for the coronavirus in the wake of the Rose Garden event that’s now been dubbed a superspreader event.

The campaign will deploy the members of the Trump family who have yet to test positive for COVID19 to host in-person events in battleground states.

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