Operation Chaos? Republicans Are Casting Votes For Bernie in South Carolina

Different primaries have different rules in terms of who can vote in party primaries. In South Carolina, there are open primaries, which means that members Republicans can vote for Democrats and vice versa.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images


The open process means that agitators will sometimes try to game the system towards that candidate they feel is the easiest for their party to defeat. During a Fox News segment on Wednesday, some South Carolina Republicans said that they are intentionally voting for Bernie Sanders.

The GOP voters are calling this movement “Operation Chaos.” Fox News ran a segment talking to a MAGA hat wearing Operation Chaos proponent.

He told the network, “I’m a Republican and a Trump supporter,” he said. “But we have an operation chaos going on and all over the state we’re encouraging Republicans to go vote for Bernie because we believe Bernie is the best worst candidate in contrasting his socialism against President Trump and his capitalism.”

The voters might want to be careful what they wish for. In many polls, the Vermont senator leads Trump by the widest margin of any of the Democratic candidates.

Watch the interview with an Operation Chaos voter below, courtesy of Fox News:


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