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[Op-Ed] An Open Letter to Joseph Epstein and the Wall Street Journal

[Op-Ed] An Open Letter to Joseph Epstein and the Wall Street Journal

After four long years of a chauvinistic, misogynistic, boorish man as president, I would like to think America is moving forward. I believed our voice was heard when Joe Biden won the election by a landslide. Apparently not. The Wall Street Journal decided to publish a piece written by Joseph Epstein even though it was extremely insulting and misogynistic. I find this piece to be a disgrace to journalism, even if it was written as an Op-Ed. I know that I am not perfect and have made mistakes in my life, at times have even said hateful things which I am doing my best to atone for.

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Because of all that I have learned in these last couple of years and given the privilege that I have as a white man, I will use it to inform you, Joseph Epstein, of what you did wrong. I don’t know you well enough to tell if your piece was an attempt to gain attention — despite understanding that what you said was wrong — or if you are completely ignorant. If it’s the latter, let me make it clear: Dr. Jill Biden is an accomplished career woman who has earned her title. Just because she is our incoming first lady does not give you the right to degrade her in that way, and I condemn you for that. I demand that you and The Wall Street Journal apologize to our soon-to-be first lady and call her by her name along with the title of “doctor.” Because to you, she is Dr. Jill Biden.

You got that, kiddo?


David Weissman

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David is a US Army veteran and a former Trump-supporting Republican, turned Democrat, who is now supporting Joe Biden as our new President. David is also a frequent contributor to DemCast

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