“Only Picked Because of Her Race” GOP Rep. From NC Posts Then Deletes Racist Tweet About Kamala Harris

On Wednesday night, the nation watched a debate between vice presidential candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. While the debate was heated at times, it doesn’t figure to move the needle much on national polls. The event will be remembered mostly for Pence’s constant interruptions and the fly than landed on the vice president’s head.

Photo by Caroline Brehman/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

While the debate was conducted, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle live tweeted their reactions. One that was posted then quickly deleted came from Greg Murphy who represents North Carolina’s 3rd District. The Republican wrote that Kamala Harris was only selected due to her “race and color.”

The post was only up for about an hour when Murphy came to his senses and took it down. As many racists have come to realize, Twitter is forever. Screenshots of the offensive post were quickly circulating.

In the original post, Murphy wrote, “Kamala Harris is a walking disaster. She was only picked for her color and her race. Is that how we pick our leaders in America now?”

Later in the night, Murphy replaced his tweet with one that read, “Biggest take away from the VP Debate– Kamala Harris is not qualified to be POTUS in any way, shape or form. Mike Pence has all the qualities to assume the duties if called. That’s what a VP’s job is…She is just not up to the task.”

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