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Onlookers Cheer As Trump’s Name is Removed From ‘Sinkhole of Corruption’ Hotel in DC

Onlookers Cheer As Trump’s Name is Removed From ‘Sinkhole of Corruption’ Hotel in DC

Now that it’s been sold to a group of investors, it was time to remove the sign from what was once the Old Post Office Building and then the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. The hotel enjoyed a few dubious years of operation as MAGA’s Ground Zero near the White House, but had rapidly lost money and occupants in the wake of the January 6th insurrection and the end of Trump’s one term, which coincided with his second impeachment trial.

And no one seemed to enjoy it more than Trump’s biggest critics on Twitter, who couldn’t resist commenting on the visuals representing what was also happening to the man himself at the same time. Except maybe the small crowd who assembled to cheer the removal of Trump’s name from the sign.

If everything Trump touches truly dies, then it was only a matter of time before the Trump DC was shuttered. As the New York Times first reported, “The Trump International Hotel in Washington is now officially out of business after the Trump family on Wednesday completed its sale to a Miami investor group, which plans to reopen it as a Waldorf Astoria.”


According to the Times, hotel industry executives have said the DC hotel “underperformed” compared with other luxury hotels in the city, particularly since Trump left office, in part because some companies and travelers were reluctant to book rooms or hold events at the hotel given the controversies surrounding Mr. Trump,” the newspaper reported. “Those factors most likely contributed to the decision to sell the lease, they said.” But Trump still made money on the sale.

Twitter critics couldn’t help but enjoy watching another Trump project fail.

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