One of Trump’s Key Billionaire Donors Says He’s Ready to Help Joe Biden

Donald Trump has had very few legislative achievements since taking office. His biggest accomplishment was a tax cut which overwhelmingly favored the wealthy. And in return, a number of billionaires have become staunch Trump supporters.

Photo by Himanshu Bhatt/NurPhoto via Getty Imagesn

One of the most vocal of these supporters is Steve Schwarzman. Schwarzman serves as the chairman and CEO of Blackstone, one of the largest investment banks in the country. Like a growing number of Republicans, however, the banker is losing patience with Trump’s election fight. Schwarzman recently told Axios that it is time for an orderly transition.

“I’m a fan of good process,” the billionaire said. “In my comments three days after the election, I was trying to be a voice of reason and express why it’s in the national interest to have all Americans believe the election is being resolved correctly. But the outcome is very certain today, and the country should move on.”

The billionaire continued, “I supported President Trump and the strong economic path he built. Like many in the business community, I am ready to help President-elect Biden and his team as they confront the significant challenges of rebuilding our post-COVID economy.”

Wall St. has had a generally positive reaction to Joe Biden’s electoral win. While Trump’s regulation cuts were helpful to big business, his presidency has also been chaotic. Many are looking forward to calmer times under the former vice president.

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