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One of the Worst Optics I Could Come Up With: Meghan McCain Blasts Ted Cruz for Cancun Trip

One of the Worst Optics I Could Come Up With: Meghan McCain Blasts Ted Cruz for Cancun Trip

Ted Cruz is not doing much to help his reputation in 2021. First, the senator joined in on Donald Trump’s election fight which resulted in an insurrection. He later engaged in a Twitter feud with actor Seth Rogan. He lost, badly.

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And now, despite the fact that his state of Texas is experiencing a blackout disaster, Cruz flew to Cancun for a vacation. He may have hustled back to Texas, but the damage is already done. Meghan McCain blasted Cruz’s trip, saying it has created the worst possible optics.

Whoopi Goldberg began, “Millions of Texans are cold, and in darkness, and the governor and other Republicans tried to blame the Green New Deal or the massive power outages, but the truth is that a privatized, deregulated energy system is at fault, and they knew they had problems to fix, and they’ve known this since 2011, but they didn’t do it.”

McCain then chimed in:

“There’s a lot of heads to roll and a lot of people to blame. I know what’s not helping right now is the fact that senator Ted Cruz is seen on a flight with his family to Cancun right now. He’s apparently on a flight back home to Texas right at this very moment. I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of media waiting, asking questions, but to literally flee your home state while people are freezing to death to go to Cancun is very Marie Antoinette. One of the worst optics I could come up with in an era where there’s been a lot of bad political optics.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below:


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