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One America News Host Lobs Homophobic Attack on Pete Buttigieg

One America News Host Lobs Homophobic Attack on Pete Buttigieg

On One America News Network on Thursday morning, right-wing propagandist Dave Dubin claimed that United States Secretary of Transportation and former Democratic South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg was only offered the job by President Joe Biden because he is gay.

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The remarks were part of a broader discussion about the snags Biden has hit while trying to enact his progressive agenda, which the commentators at OANN abhor.

“Dave, the Biden Administration, the Democrats, everything they touch they break, and then they offer to fix it. Do they really think we want them to fix it? They’re the ones who broke it,” host Natalie Harp opined.

“Well, the most generous view is that they’re incompetent. Right? That would be the most generous version of this. Pete Buttigieg, this is a guy who is now Transportation Secretary who was a mayor of a small town. He has literally no expertise in transportation at all. You, or I, or probably most of the people watching this probably have more expertise in transportation than he does – but he’s gay so he got the job. And that’s what they said. They said he’s the first gay one? Doesn’t matter if he has no qualifications for this. That would be the generous version,” Rubin replied.

That led to a rant about how the Biden Administration is supposedly engaging in the willful destruction of the United States.

“The cynical version would be that they’re doing this intentionally. That these people do not like America very much,” Rubin continued. “Just listen to the base, listen to what most of the progressives say about America, the founding of America, the way America operates now – systemic racism, and all of the other scary things they talk about, even though they never leave and they want everyone to come here, so, I guess it’s not that terrible. So it’s either incompetence or intentional. At this point, I would say that administration is intentionally doing these things. How can anything that listened to what you just talked about there – watched those clips, see those numbers – and say, ‘boy, these people really know what they’re doing. The economy’s doing really well. We’re doing well related to COVID,’ which by the way just a few days ago it came out we had more deaths – COVID-related deaths in 2021 – than even in 2020 when ‘scary Donald Trump’ was president.”

What Rubin did not mention is that the spike in coronavirus fatalities is a direct result of widespread reluctance to vaccinations, which his network has fostered.

“Everything that could be going wrong is going wrong. Afghanistan. Do our allies trust us? The supply chain. The whole thing is breaking down. So generous, it’s incompetence. Cynical, they’re intentionally doing it,” Rubin declared.

Harp then chimed in to further whine about Trump no longer being in office.

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“Well it’s almost as if they went into it with one agenda: do the exact opposite of President Trump. That part was intentional. But then they opened up this Pandora’s Box where everything’s just out of control and they don’t even have any idea how to fix it except, ‘Oh, let’s stage a government takeover of everything. Let’s send the National Guard to actually staff our hospitals just because we happen to fire everybody. Let’s try to do something different with transportation with airplanes, where right now, people aren’t able to get flights,'” Harp said, although she omitted the fact that Republicans in the United States Senate have said no to nearly everything that Biden has proposed.

“Everything they’re trying to do now, they want it to go through the government,” Harp added, “and yet, everything that goes through the government ends up destroyed anyway.”

Watch below via Media Matters for America:

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