Once Viral Candidate Marianne Williamson Fires Entire Staff

The litany of candidates for the 2020 Democratic nomination is slowly starting to thin out. Earlier today, former Secretary for Housing and Urban Development, Julian Castro dropped out of the race. Earlier in December, California senator Kamala Harris ended her push for the White House, citing money concerns.

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Another candidate having financial concerns is self-help guru and author Marianne Williamson. On Thursday afternoon, it was revealed that the candidate had fired her entire campaign staff.

CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe tweeted, “JUST IN: Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has laid off her entire campaign staff, according to her former NH state director Paul Hodes confirms to me.”

While this is the start to most candidates dropping out of the running, the spiritual leader doesn’t seem ready to do so quite yet.

O’Keefe continued, “Is Williamson dropping out? “To the contrary,” Hodes told me, adding his understanding is that she plans to continue on, just sans staff.”

Williamson was never a popular candidate in the polls, but she went viral after an interesting first debate performance.

When asked what she would do if she became president, she replied, “My first call is to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, who said that her goal is to make New Zealand the place where it’s the best place in the world for a child to grow up. I would tell her: ‘Girlfriend, you are so on, because the United States of America is going to be the best place in the world for a child to grow up.”

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