On the Same Day Officers Described How They Were Brutalized by His Supporters, Trump Calls For Increased Police Presence in Blue Cities

After months of being riled up by the 45th president, Donald Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol on January 6th. Despite the fact that many carried Blue Lives Matter flags, police officers were only seen as a mild deterrent.

Illegal Immigrants Trump Golf Course
Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

The Trump supporters were more than happy to brutalize the Capitol cops that stood in their way. On Tuesday, 4 of those officers appeared before congress to talk about their ordeal. With no touch of irony, Trump, the man responsible for those beatings called for increased police presence in Democratic cities.

In a bid to distract from the hearings, Trump singled out the city of San Francisco, which he believes is run by Nancy Pelosi. The former president wrote in a statement, “Our once great cities, like New York, Detroit, San Francisco, and so many others, have become a paradise for criminals because of Democrats.”

Trump continued, “We must give power back to police or America will never be safe. We cannot let Communist Democrats destroy our great cities. If we don’t stop them, our communities and our Country will be lost forever.”

The former president closed, “Today, it is the least secure in our history with criminals illegally flooding into our Country—many spreading COVID into our communities—and other Countries’ prisons being emptied into our neighborhoods. America needs law and order, not defunding the police. We need our police back. America should and can be safe!”

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