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On ‘Fox & Friends,’ Jesse Watters Says The ‘Send Her Back’ Chant Is Just Like A Football Cheer

On ‘Fox & Friends,’ Jesse Watters Says The ‘Send Her Back’ Chant Is Just Like A Football Cheer

The Fox News Channel, specifically its opinion makers, has reliably given President Donald Trump strong support in the past couple of years. At certain points, it has performed amazing feats of mental gymnastics in order to do so.

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On Thursday morning, “Fox & Friends” had network commentator Jesse Watters on as a guest, where he proceeded to defend the president against attacks levied toward him about a chant during a rally in Greenville, North Carolina, the night before, The Daily Beast reported.

The chant, directed toward Rep. Ilhan Omar, was widely reported upon. Audience members at that rally repeatedly yelled “send her back” when Trump brought up a list of grievances against the Minnesota Democrat he’s vociferously opposed over the past week.

Omar moved to the U.S. from Somalia at age 12, and became a citizen at age 17 in the year 2000 — several years before Trump’s wife, first lady Melania Trump, became a one.

The chant has been criticized by many for being xenophobic, including by 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris.

Before Trump spoke to media about the chant, the next morning Watters attempted to paint it in a different light through use of a sports analogy.

“Now I don’t know about you guys, but have you guys ever been to a football game? They chant some pretty bad stuff at a football game. Politics is a tough sport,” Watters said.

Watters also said the chant wasn’t as bad as investigations that Democrats were trying to push forward with regarding actions taken by Trump and his surrogates since entering the White House.

“Some Republicans chanted some things. Some Democrats framed Trump for treason. I think you guys see the difference,” Watters added.

Later on Thursday, Trump himself tried to disavow the chant.

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While speaking to reporters in the Oval Office, Trump said he tried to quell the chant while it was happening.

Trump said he “was not happy” with the chant, and that he disagreed with it. He added that he tried to stop it by “speaking very quickly” in order to prevent it from going further.

As previous reporting from HillReporter.com pointed out, the statements from Trump Thursday contradicted video evidence that showed what actually happened the night before. Trump allowed the chant to go on for several seconds after it began. It did die down at one point, but on its own, not because Trump spoke over the audience.

As Daily Show host Trevor Noah pointed out, Olympian “Usain Bolt could have won a gold medal in” the time it took for the chant to die down.

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