Omarosa: If Michael Cohen Mentions Ivanka During Testimony, Trump Will Become Truly Unhinged

Of Donald Trump’s 5 children, Ivanka has always remained the clear favorite. While his sons remain involved in the family business, Ivanka moved to Washington DC to become a special adviser.

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Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka are all expected to be mentioned during Michael’s Cohen’s Congressional testimony. Former Trump aide, Omarosa Manigault Newman’s predicts any mention of Trump’s beloved daughter will cause him to fly off the handle.

Manigault-Newman made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC Live with Alex Witt. She said of the upcoming testimony, “I’ll be interested to see how much he shares about the role of Trump’s children in a lot of these deals including senior adviser Ivanka Trump, Jared [Kushner], her husband, and the children, Don [Jr.] and Eric Trump.”

Omarosa made the point that Cohen knows everything about the inner-workings of the Trump family business. Host Alex Witt followed up by asking Manigault-Newman what she thinks Trump fears most about the testimony.

The former Trump aide replied, “There is no question that big red line for Donald Trump is his children, particularly Ivanka. And once Michael Cohen starts sharing details that may actually implicate them, you will see him truly become, well, unhinged.”

Watch the interview here:

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