Olivia Troye: I was Told to Spy on Dr. Birx for Political Reasons

The COVID-19 pandemic should have created a situation where political issues where put aside and the country focused on defeating the illness. Unfortunately, the crisis struck when Donald Trump was in office. Rather than focusing on the pandemic, Donald Trump only cared about his political future.

Donald Trump attacks Dr. Birx as 'pathetic'
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Now that Trump is out of office, the full scope of his actions are being revealed. Dr. Deborah Birx, who worked on his COVID task force recently revealed that the ex-President shared false information with the public.

When the pandemic began, Olivia Troye was working in Homeland Security. According to the former Mike Pence aide, she was asked to spy on Birx for political reasons.

Troye made the comments during an appearance on Chris Hayes show. She told the MSNBC host, “I’m the person that actually was brought into a room at some point when she first started. She was coming into a no-win situation and even more so than I think she even realized. And I was told that I was to watch her. That she was not to be trusted because she was a Matt Pottinger hire (Pottinger was Trump’s acting NSA at the time).”

The former Pence aide continued, “I remember that day because Dr. Birx was really angry and she actually confronted me and said, ‘Do you know who created those graphs? Did you work on that?”

Troye closed her comments, “I’m glad to see her finally be somewhat free in coming forward and speaking candidly. Do I wish that she would’ve been — honestly, I had hoped she would have been more blunt in her interview, but I also know that is not really her style. She doesn’t speak publicly, she doesn’t talk to the media. That’s just not who she is.”


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