Olivia Nuzzi: Republicans Are Surprised by Hawley’s Behavior Because, “He’s Not a Moron Like Louie Gohmert”

A few weeks back, Mitch McConnell asked Republican senators not to challenge the election results. There is a very important special election coming up in Georgia and McConnell desperately wants to win. The focus on Trump rather than Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue could cost the GOP senate control.

Louie Gohmert daughter says don't be like dad, wear a mask
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Josh Hawley, however, decided not to listen to the senate majority leader. While he is probably doing so to improve his own political prospects, the Missouri senator will challenge the election results. During a recent CNN appearance, Olivia Nuzzi remarked that one Republican said he was surprised by Hawley’s behavior, because, “he’s not a moron like Louie Gohmert.”

Nuzzi relayed the story to host John Avlon. The host asked if Gohmert’s efforts to overturn the election have any chances of succeeding.

“I  think the general answer is not very,” laughed Nuzzi. She then continued:

“I was talking to a Republican official a few minutes ago about Josh Hawley and what he’s doing and how establishment Republicans view what he’s doing right now. And this person said, I’m quoting, ‘He’s not some moron like Louie Gohmert.’ And the reason why people are being harsher in how they’re assessing what Josh Hawley is doing is because it seems so much more cynical, whereas in Washington, at least among establishment Republicans, Louie Gohmert has always been viewed and continues to be viewed as pretty much a joke.”

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