Oklahoma State Superintendent Switches From Republican to Democrat to Run Against GOP Gov. She Says is Running State Into the Ground

The brutal COVID-19 pandemic created a situation where Democrats and Republicans could have forgotten about their differences and banded together to fight a common foe. Unfortunately, Donald Trump was more focused on how the pandemic would affect his reelection bid and made it a political issue.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

And while Trump is out of office, many GOP governors are still carrying out his policy of not taking the matter seriously. Kevin Stitt, of Oklahoma is one of these Trump acolytes. And Joy Hofmeister has had enough of it.

Hofmeister, formerly a Republican, is Oklahoma’s State Superintendent. And now she has switch her party affiliation to Democrat so she can run against Stitt.

The newly minted Democrat said in a statement:

“Gov. Stitt is running the state into the ground. Through extremism, partisanship, ineffective leadership, he is hurting our education system, our health care, our infrastructure. And unfortunately, Gov. Stitt has hijacked the Republican Party in Oklahoma.”

Hofmeister continued, “We have a global pandemic, and it mattered who was governor in 2020. We’ve had 10,000 Oklahomans lost. When you understand now how critical it was to have had a leader who contemplated expert advice and opinion and set an example to help protect Oklahomans, we could have avoided thousands of people dying.”

The candidate closed, “It is easy to see that when you value the expertise and perspectives of Oklahomans and when you set priorities that match Oklahoma’s values — which are common sense, working together and courage — we have a roadmap that will lead to a better Oklahoma.”


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