Oklahoma Followed Trump’s Advice, Now They’re Sitting on Over a Million Useless Pills

Ignoring the advice of medical experts, Donald Trump relentlessly pushed hydroxychloroquine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Oklahoma built up a stockpile of pills that have been unused and are now soon to expire.

Trump touted drug not needed in Fla
[Photo by GEORGE FREY/AFP via Getty Images]
Health experts repeatedly advised Donald Trump that mask wearing and social distancing were the two best ways to combat the pandemic. With an election looming, the former president was unwilling to push restrictions that could slow down the economy. And for some weird vain reason, he refused to wear a mask or suggest that others do so.

Instead, Trump and Fox News decided to push hydroxychloroquine as some kind of miracle cure. Doctors said that it clearly wasn’t. But that didn’t stop governors of red states from stocking up.

Oklahoma was one of those states. Governor Kevin Stitt ordered up a large supply of the drug. And now, according to Oklahoma Watch, “the state has an estimated 1.2 million doses of hydroxychloroquine sitting in a warehouse in an undisclosed location. What’s more, state officials are reluctant to say what it plans to do with all these unused doses, which are set to expire in December this year.”

The drug, of course do have uses. Hydroxychloroquine has long been used to treat illnesses like lupus and malaria. If Oklahoma is planning on directing their supply towards those uses, they are going to get started soon.


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