Ohio’s GOP Gov: The Economy Won’t Really Reopen Until Americans Have Confidence

With 50 different states in the Union, the country has seen 50 different responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Republican governors like Tate Reeves of Mississippi and Brian Kemp of Georgia have been critiqued for not doing enough to keep their constituents safe. That doesn’t mean, however, that all Conservative governors have been getting bad reviews.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Ohio’s Mike DeWine shut his state down earlier than most other leaders, especially on the East Coast. His aggressive actions have gotten Ohio close to a soft reopening. During an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday, though, DeWine said that the economy won’t truly reopen until Americans have confidence in their safety.

The Ohio lawmaker was asked by Wallace if he considers reopening his state to be risky. He responded:

“It’s a risk no matter what we do. The economy’s not going to open no matter what we do, whatever we order, unless people have confidence. And we’re trying to give them confidence. These (hand washing, social distancing, the wearing of masks) are basic things that we have to do. We can’t let up.”

DeWine’s aggressive actions have made Ohio a good example of how best to fight the virus. Looking to soak up some of that goodwill for himself, Trump has talked to the governor about visiting the state. DeWine said in early May, “We’ve had some conversations with the White House about some potential visit sites, but I can’t talk any more about that,” DeWine said. “That’s got to come from the White House.”

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