Ohio Governor Latest Member of GOP to Test Positive for COVID19

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine took a coronavirus test ahead of his impending meeting on Thursday with Donald Trump. But that meeting has now been cancelled due to DeWine’s positive test results. Lt. Governor Jon Husted has also been tested, with negative results.

DeWine, who was not displaying nor feeling any symptoms, will now quarantine at home for the next two weeks, but it’s unknown if any of his staffers or other co-workers have been tested. Also unknown is how many others DeWine may have interacted with before he knew his status.

DeWine is just the latest member of the Republican Party to test positive for the virus Trump continues “will just go away”. Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert blames his own positive status on wearing a mask, rather than using it as a teachable moment for the die-hard science deniers who still refuse to take basic safety precautions. Even in the wake of Herman Cain‘s death from COVID19, the GOP continues to hold events and appear in public without masks or any other safety measures in place.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has mandated the wearing of masks in the House, which led to testy exchanges between Rep Jerry Nadler and House GOP members Jim Jordan and Andy Biggs.

Trump is on the ground in Ohio, touting his campaign even as he acknowledged DeWine’s status. He’s expected to hold a fundraiser there before departing for yet another weekend at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Trump will also hold high-dollar fundraisers in the Hamptons on New York’s Long Island and a second near the Jersey shore.

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