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Oh Look, More Right-Wing ‘Christians’ Defending ‘The Big Lie’ and Calling for Violence

Oh Look, More Right-Wing ‘Christians’ Defending ‘The Big Lie’ and Calling for Violence

Last week, right-wing pastor Greg Locke appeared on “apostle” Michael Petro’s Voice of Healing radio show and accused President Joe Biden of stealing the 2020 election from former President Donald Trump. Like many on the fringe who claim to be Christians, Locke reaffirmed his commitment to dedicating his weekly sermons to promoting Trump’s “big lie” and insisted that “forensic science” supports it, which is false.

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Petro teed Locke up.

“A lot of the guys I’m talking to, they see, they’re openly saying now that the election was illegitimate. What’s your feelings on that?” he asked Locke.

“Yep. Oh, 1000 percent, yeah, I’ll go to my grave believing, and everybody else is starting to realize it, but the left wants to cover it up. They say follow the science until the science shows them something they don’t like, and the forensic science proved that the man won by a landslide. Trump won, and Biden’s just as fraudulent today as he ever has been. And I tell people that, and people can’t stand that. It’s got us a lot of vitriolic pushback, but it’s the facts. God’s never in his word one time even remotely told me to submit to something that I know to be deception. Never. So, people [are] like, ‘Just accept it.’ No, I can’t accept it. Because God doesn’t want me to accept nonsense and lies. We know what happened, and it was nefarious, and so, and I don’t believe God’s done with this nation. I think he’s about to expose a lot of people in a lot of ways,” Locke responded.

“I think it has to happen,” replied Petro. “I think it goes beyond an election. People have to be put in jail. I really believe we’re at that time where people have to be held to an account now because, to me, it really was a treasonous act.”

Locke – who sees himself as a de facto savior – boasted about the opportunities he has to pontificate his twisted version of Christianity.

‘Everybody tells guys like us, ‘well, keep it at the pulpit. Just talk about Jesus. Don’t preach about politics.’ But here’s the problem they don’t understand, that we don’t call out corrupt politics, we’re not going to have a platform from which to preach about Jesus Christ. They’re gonna take it away. They’re so willy nilly about taking our rights, and so if we don’t push back, then I think people are beginning to realize, ‘Wow, we are gonna fall to tyranny.’ These preachers really are the ones that are on the front line. It was the Black Robe Regiment of the American Revolution that would preach on Sunday and pull their clerical robes off and lead their men into war that saved the republic,” he said. “You know, it was the – we have a 1776 because had a George Whitfield in the 1740’s who was thundering out the gospel to the 13 colonies and everything these men wrote was based off the power of the Holy Spirit in this man’s life. So revival is based in the very soil. And so what I’m finding is I’m getting to preach at some of the largest political gatherings on the planet, and I get to talk about Jesus and people are cool with it, and so God’s using politics as a platform for his glory and I don’t think there’s any way we can discount that.”

Petro agreed and then called for a violent uprising against the government.

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“Yeah well, I believe we’ve crossed a line. There’s no going back. We’ve got to get in the fight now because the Democratic Party just isn’t going to tolerate Christianity at all at this point,” he said. “It’s either sink or swim, and I believe that the Lord is calling a violent church out.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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