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Of Course He Did: Alex Jones Claims That Buffalo Shooting Was Staged [VIDEO]

Of Course He Did: Alex Jones Claims That Buffalo Shooting Was Staged [VIDEO]

Alex Jones’ career is hanging on the precipice thanks to his comments over the Sandy Hook Massacre. The parents of the children killed in the shooting sued Jones over his claims that the event was a ‘false-flag.’

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It should be clear at this point that the InfoWars host is not capable of learning from his mistakes. On his Monday show, Jones claimed that this weekend’s mass shooting in Buffalo was staged.

The right-wing host began, “It’s going to get a lot worse, folks. I mean, it’s going to get bad, and they’re going to have some more white supremists go out and do this. You know it’s going to happen, and they’re going to have some crazy brainwashed black people do the same damn thing, and they’re going to sit here and play us all off against each other while they rape everybody and cut our power off and inflate everything and screw us.”

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The rant continued:

“People started grabbing clips Saturday on Twitter of me saying they’re going to shoot up a black grocery store with a white supremist and they were mad at me on Twitter. I saw the comments like, how dare him say so soon it’s staged. Those were clips a year and a half, a year ago, and last week. I didn’t say that today. I said it before it happened because I know how the globalists operate and I know who they wind up and I know what they do. Folks do you hear me? Theodore Kaczynski, the unabomber worked for the CIA. It came out in court. The CIA was running him.”

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