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Of Course Ben Shapiro Refuses to Believe Meghan Markle

Of Course Ben Shapiro Refuses to Believe Meghan Markle

Right-wing provocateur Ben Shapiro said on Monday that he does not believe Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s claim to Oprah Winfrey that a member of the English royal family asked how dark the skin tone of her child with Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, would be.

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He brooded on The Ben Shapiro Show:

Oh my God. She never realized she was supposed to curtsey before the Queen? Um, so, that’s – what a difficult – I mean how difficult must that have been, to have to curtsey before the Queen of England. My God, how humiliating, you know, like every other human curtseys before the Queen of England or bows before the Queen of England. I can’t believe it. Just just crazy, crazy, crazy stuff. And that’s when the penny dropped and she was about to learn the predictions of the royals.

By the way, it’s not all Meghan Markle. Harry is the real villain in this, okay? Harry grew up with these people and now he’s just dumping all over his entire family. Harry’s a bag of garbage. Harry is terrible. Harry was Captain ‘I’m gonna dress up however I want to dress up. I wanna go to Las Vegas and get naked and smoke pot on the basis of my royal heritage.’

And then he’s like, ‘you know what I’m gonna do now? I’m gonna take my entire family and I’m just gonna drive this bus over them, back up the bus over them, because my wife wants to be a famous actress and wasn’t very good in Suits.’

The real villain here is not even Meghan. Meghan is whatever Meghan is. Harry is the one who’s the villain. It’s his family, alright? So, whatever I think of Meghan I think twice as badly of Harry.

The Duke and Duchess, having already abdicated their distant position in the line of succession to the British Crown, have little to gain by sharing their painful memories. Shapiro, on the other hand, makes his living as a professional contrarian, no matter how ridiculous his arguments are.

He continued:

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Ok, so then Meghan Markle starts talking about how difficult – she starts talking about how racist everyone was. And she relates a conversation in which, apparently, somebody asked how dark her son’s skin would be. Now, this would be an excellent time for Oprah, being the interviewer, to ask, ok can you name a name? I mean now – if somebody said something as overtly racist as how dark is your son’s skin going to be – first of all, what kind of stupid – I’m just going to say it, I don’t believe that happened. I don’t think that happened. Honest to God, I don’t think it happened.

The reason I don’t think that happened is because no one says anything like that. That’s a ridiculous question. How dark is your son’s skin going to be? Beyond, like, the racism of it, the actual stupidity, like the human stupidity of having to ask that question. Do you not know what biracial children look like? Like, that’s a – what? Ok so I don’t believe this for a second but here she is saying a thing I don’t believe. Plus she’s a – maybe it’s true and she’s such a bad actress that I can’t tell if it’s true. That’s possible too.

Watch below via Media Matters for America:

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