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Odd Rand Paul Tweets Make Americans Question Whether He Was Hacked

Odd Rand Paul Tweets Make Americans Question Whether He Was Hacked

Throughout the 2016 campaign, one of Trump’s biggest critics, and also a somewhat formidable competitor, was Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  Paul called Mr. Trump names, such as ‘sophomoric’, and said that he’d cause the “biggest loss” for the Republican party should he win the nomination.

Recently, however, Paul has been one of the President’s staunchest supporters, praising decisions he’s made, which most other Republicans have either refused to weigh in on or even attacked.  Like Trump, Paul has turned to Twitter to to express himself to the nation, and this weekend he appears to have adopted another political strategy used by the president; shock and surprise.

On Sunday evening Paul made a series of tweets, which didn’t only receive criticism, but made many Americans question if his account may have been hacked.  He even self titled the ‘tweetstorm’ as “Senator Rand Paul’s 2018 Tweetstorm.” The tweets ranged from an image of a large machine-gun welding half-cat, half-dinosaur, shooting laser beams out of its eyes in front of a rendering of Trump’s proposed steel slat wall, to an image of Ted Cruz with a beard, which suggested that he should have grown it before his 2016 run for president.

One of the more surprising portions of his “Festivus Tweetstorm” was when he attacked his Republican colleague, Lindsey Graham, with the following diatribe:

“My friend Lindsay Graham is a bit mad right now. You see, he’s never seen a war end before. He’s going to have to console himself with the fact that we still are in about 8 more. I know it will be hard for him, but I think he’ll get by. I have to tell you; I haven’t seen a Senator who loves war this much since the Star Wars Prequels. Lindsay and I were on the same side on foreign policy for about 5 minutes a few weeks ago, regarding the Saudis. He said it was a sign of “end times”. I guess we are all gonna live a bit longer after all.”

The entire ‘Festivus’ thread can be read here, and as you can see below it caused some people on Twitter to question whether he was hacked or not.

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Considering the fact that the tweets remain up 18 hours after they were initially made, it’s a safe guess to assume this was not a hack at all.

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