Ocasio-Cortez Hits Back Hard at ‘Fox And Friends’ After They Attack Her Yet Again

House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) sent a response back to the hosts of the Fox News program “Fox & Friends,” who seemed to imply that she was more concerned with getting rid of Immigration and Customs Enforcement than she was about her own constituents.

Co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy didn’t hold back in their criticism of Ocasio-Cortez, as they pointed out that a member of the MS-13 gang had shot and killed a rival gang member in her home district. That gang member, ICE alleges, is in the country as an undocumented immigrant.

“Now, if the only hope we have of kicking this guy out before he can kill somebody, shoot somebody, is ICE. And that’s what they do, to try and hunt them down,” Kilmeade said.

He added that he thought Ocasio-Cortez, “after seeing this horror, is upset that ice even exists.”

“She cried about it,” Kilmeade said, according to reporting from the Daily Beast. “And you just watched these border negotiations, as you see this horrible scene going down.”

Co-host Steve Doocy seemed to agree with Kilmeade’s assessment, pointing out that lawmakers like Ocasio-Cortez “are trying to starve out ICE by not funding them.”

Ocasio-Cortez, responding to the tweet of the news story directly, made clear that she was well-aware of what was happening in her home district — that she understood the tragedy but was still able to hold views against ICE’s actions in recent years.

“Unlike these people,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote, referring to the Fox News hosts, “I actually care about my community. This happened across my old campaign office.”

The New York lawmaker added that she was “monitoring this heartbreaking situation.” She also made a point to acknowledge that she still has serious misgivings with ICE, based on many of their recent controversial actions.

“Meanwhile, ICE is detaining children, political activists & 21 Savage,” she concluded her tweet.

Despite some gang actions and violence by a small number of immigrants being highlighted by the administration of President Donald Trump and other conservatives, criminal activity by immigrants, even undocumented ones, is at a statistically lower rate than it is for American citizens on the whole.

Reporting from the Washington Post last summer, for example, which cited an investigation performed by the Cato Institute, demonstrated that undocumented immigrants committed 56 percent fewer crimes than did citizens who were born in the United States.

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