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Obama to Dems: Chill Out and Stop Beating up on Each Other

Obama to Dems: Chill Out and Stop Beating up on Each Other

With a large Democratic field that is slowly winnowing down, candidates have had to attack each other. Pete Buttigieg, who has been surging of late, was a prime target to be ganged up on. Cory Booker set his sights on attacking Joe Biden for his stance on marijuana laws.

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While speaking at a donor event in Los Altos Hills, CA, Barack Obama said that he didn’t like what he saw last night. The 44th President is urging Democrats to unify against a common enemy and stop attacking each other over slight differences.

Obama believes the candidates might be striving to hard to make their opponents prove themselves on certain issues. “I’m always suspicious of purity tests during elections,” he said. “Because you know what? The country’s complicated.”

The 44th President cautioned against proposing radical changes. He told attendees, “When you listen to the average voter — even ones who aren’t stalwart Democrats, but who are more independent or are low-information voters — they don’t feel that things are working well, but they’re also nervous about changes that might take away what little they have.”

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Obama also touched on the fact the field features 5 women, minority candidates and an openly gay contender in Pete Buttigieg.

Speaking to their challenges, the former President said, “Those candidates are going to have barriers if they win the nomination, if they win the general election, just like I did. Are there going to be people in the back of their mind thinking, ‘Eh, I don’t know.’ Just like those who said I don’t know about Barack Hussein Obama.”

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