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Obama Salutes Prisoner he Freed on her College Success

Obama Salutes Prisoner he Freed on her College Success

One special ability the President has is to grant pardons to people who have a chance at turning their lives around. In the year 2017, Barack Obama granted multiple sentence commutations to non-violent drug offenders. One of those people was Danielle Metz, who was serving 3 life sentences and had been in prison since 1993.

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Metz has since gotten her life together and thanked Obama in Monday’s edition of USA Today. The former President has now responded to Metz to congratulate her on her rehabilitation.

While she was serving her life sentence, the former prisoner began to take classes offered by the jail. Once she was released from prison, she became a a student at Southern University at the age of 50.

In the USA Today piece, Metz was asked what she would say if she ever met Obama. “You don’t know what you did for me,” she said. “I’m finally coming into my own. I made the honor roll.”

The 44th President heard her message loud and clear and responded to Metz with a handwritten note:

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“Congratulations on your graduation from Southern,” wrote Obama. “I am so proud of you and am confident that your example will have a positive impact for others who are looking for a second chance. Tell your children I say hello and know that I am rooting for all of you.”

As President Donald Trump has used his pardon power for both non-violent offenders as well as for political means. The President has granted pardons to supporters like Dinesh D’Sousa and Joe Arpaio.

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