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Obama Issues Subtle Dig Toward Trump Over Twitter Use At Tech Conference

Obama Issues Subtle Dig Toward Trump Over Twitter Use At Tech Conference

Former President Barack Obama seemed to make a few statements directed toward current President Donald Trump, as well as members of his administration, while speaking to a tech company on Wednesday.

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Obama was speaking at an invite-only event for a tech company called Splunk, which creates software for analyzing large data sets, the San Francisco Gate reported. The event was so secretive that its exact location in the Bay Area was unknown just days ago.

Obama’s speech during the event seemed to allude to Trump, specifically to his online behavior. While discussing what helped him during his time in the White House to make hard decisions, the former president said that surrounding himself with a diverse set of opinions made things better for him, Axios reported.

“The other thing that is helpful is not watching TV or reading social media,” Obama said.

Trump is known to watch cable news programming regularly (even though he claims he doesn’t), and his online presence on social media sites like Twitter is evident. Per a report from Bustle in 2018, Trump tweets on average about a dozen times (or more) per day.

Obama’s gentle jab at Trump — he didn’t mention the current president by name — wasn’t the only criticism that seemed to be directed at the administration. Obama also pointed out his own White House’s track record when it came to major crimes.

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“I’m proud of the fact we didn’t have indictments. I’ve said that before but that is pretty rare in modern day,” Obama said.

There were six indictments of Trump administration officials total within the Robert Mueller-led Russia investigation.

The former president also questioned whether people in Trump’s White House were there for the right reasons, suggesting some of his advisers (and perhaps the president himself) were there to promote their own ends.

“Are folks here because they want to serve the American people?” Obama asked.

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