Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes Tells Alex Jones That Militia Members Should Prepare for Violence Against Biden Administration

It was early January and Donald Trump’s election fight was not going well. The President’s lawsuits in a number of states had failed miserably. He had also failed in convincing Mike Pence to overturn the results for him. So Trump aimed his supporters at the US Capitol which they attacked.

Photo by Philip Pacheco/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

That insurrection was a common topic during Joe Biden’s inaugural address. The Democrat has said time and time again that he plans on being a president for all Americans. Some Americans, though, won’t be listening to that message. During a recent appearance on Alex Jones’ show, Stewart Rhodes said militia members must prepare for violence against the Biden administration.

The founder of the Oath Keepers told the radio host, “It’s just amazing that Trump let the election be stolen out from under him and to let our country be stolen like this, our government. So we have an opportunity to walk the path of the Founding Fathers and declare your independence from that illegitimate regime.”

Rhodes continued:

“We still defend the Constitution — but they are the ones that are usurpers and the violators — and declare that. And then get strong in your communities. You needed to be raising local militias in your towns and counties, and like the Founders did, you need to then nullify, refuse to comply, and when they come for you, you defend yourselves. But you’ve got to do it together. Don’t be isolated and alone. Do it together as a united community. If you can get the people in your community to unite. So many Americans now are running and hiding, that’s not going to do you any good. So you need to get together and prepare to defend yourselves.”


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