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OAN Reporter: The Country’s Future Depends on Liberals Dropping Dead From Vaccines

OAN Reporter: The Country’s Future Depends on Liberals Dropping Dead From Vaccines

Fox News has been accused of not doing enough to convince its viewers to get vaccinated. Artists like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have left Spotify because of Joe Rogan’s misinformation.

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OAN, though, is doing something entirely different. On Friday, the network ran a segment where reporter Pearson Sharp called on Liberals to get vaccinated, saying the shots kill people.

During the segment, Sharp claimed, “Young athletes are another prime group to be targeted by this deadly vaccine with 500% more soccer players in the E.U. dropping dead from heart attacks than one year ago — 500%. Who is actually braindead enough to think that this is just a coincidence when the FDA knows Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine to cause heart attacks. This is a pandemic of the ignorant, and it’s killing our country.”

This debunked Republican conspiracy theory has roots in far-Right Austrian websites. Still, the idea has been pushed by Senator Ron Johnson and basketball Hall of Famer John Stockton.

Sharp then closed with his most insane comment yet:

“So, for all of you progressives and Democrats and radical leftists out there. Do us all a favor, please, and go get vaccinated. In fact, don’t stop there. Get double vaccinated, and be sure to get all your boosters. All three or four of them. Why stop there? If more is better— get five, six, get 10 boosters. All the rest of us sane, freedom-loving Americans are counting on you to get your injections. The survival of our country depends on it.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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