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OAN Correspondent Secretly Helping Finance Arizona Ballot “Audit” Circus

OAN Correspondent Secretly Helping Finance Arizona Ballot “Audit” Circus

Where legitimate journalists are being kept at bay, One America News Network (OAN), the hyper-partisan Trump-loving media outlet, has had extensive access inside the Phoenix arena where the so-called “audit” of two million Maricopa County ballots from the 2020 presidential election is taking place.

One of its correspondents, Christina Bobb, almost breathlessly reported from the floor earlier this month that Republican lawmakers from Pennsylvania had toured the facility to get an up close look at the Cyber Ninjas’ operation, the thought being they might want to replicate the same audit process in the Keystone State. “If they like what they see, [they’ll] take it back to Pennsylvania,” she told her audience. “I think we can expect to see a lot more key decision-makers coming out to take a look,” she added, hopefully.

Why would she think that? It’s because Bobb, in addition to talking about the audit on OAN, also is helping to finance the operation and raised money to pay for the Pennsylvania lawmakers to visit Phoenix. Not only has Bobb failed to disclose that major conflict of interest, she also has never told viewers that she worked closely with Arizona Republicans to find a great deal of the much-disputed evidence that they used to justify undertaking the audit in the first place.

Many legitimate journalists say such a blatantly dishonest conflict shreds any hint of honesty about the operation. The 38-year-old Bobb is a lawyer and – surprise! – a former Trump administration official who has absolutely no background in journalism. What she does have is the twice-impeached former president’s ear; she reportedly is in semi-regular contact with him to provide updates on the audit.

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In late April she told her viewers a few days after the audit began, “The entire country knows it will unravel the Democrats’ schemes from 2020., “Joe Biden is not a legitimate president.”

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